Bosgården Hornborga
A farm in the middle of nowhere with B&B, nature experiences, event opportunities and a cinema shooting range for hunters. 

Create a corporate identity including logotype, font use, colours and website for a brand that want to expand their business in the future with not yet told/known areas. Tho everything will circulate around the farm.
The final logotype. 
I chose to visualise it as burnt wood because the feeling of wood is warm and welcoming, it's simple and natural. Similar signs like this can be found everywhere on the farm. 
Large photographs with a simple and clean layout is lifting the experience that we was aiming for.
I needed lifestyle photos with calmness and warn tones to lift the core values. Perfect to build the website on. These photos was taken and edited by myself.
I wanted a rounded, kind, simple sans serif – it ended with Nunito, created by Vernon Adams.
–"With safe and ease LaveMedia has guided us through graphic design, photo, website and layout to a result we are more than pleased with. Our brand is now strong and solid – we can only recommend Robin."​​​​​​​
Ann-Louise and Lars-Göran Skaar, Bosgården Hornborga.
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