When I was 10 my friends played computer games while I played around in Photoshop. A few years later I created templates for websites, album covers and t-shirt designs for our own heavy metal band. My curiosity of creating then led me to photography, music and film making
But who am I? Well, I need to understand things. That's why I'm asking you so much questions. I believe in constant learning to grow as a human and to make life interesting to live. My puzzle has no corners and I will never complete the picture. I surround myself with people that inspire and challenge me to do greater things. Oh, and my name is Robin, also known as Lave.​​​​​​​
I love to create. Photography, film, directing – everything that involves being a creator. That's why I decided to start my own network based machinery – Lavemedia – in 2013. 
My team consists of other creatives like me that I've had the fortune to met along the way – who's experts in illustrating, animating, CGI, film, programming, styling, copywriting etc.
With the talented creatives in my network our focus will always be to create things that really speaks to your audience. To challenge your opponents. And to win.

Robin "Lave" Ohlausson
+46 709 40 31 43

Music is a big part of my life – I write music and lyrics but the dream of being a rockstar is not that important anymore. I still take it serious tho – like everything I do. Have a listen on Vengha at Spotify.